Tal Slutzker

Tal Slutzker

Tal Slutzker is an Israeli artist writer and philosopher. As a painter, he has exhibited numerous shows that were exhibited in the Tel Aviv Museum Of Art, The Herzliya Museum Of Modern Art, The Ramat Gan Museum, and numerous other venues. The documentary film “The Painter Of Shadows” was made about him and can be watched on YouTube. In it, he speaks about his art, theories, and philosophy. He published six books and catalogues of his art, and in numerous magazines and internet sites, in these he printed his poetry, theatre plays, articles, and manifestos. He regularly publishes at Academia.edu, social networks, and the Yekun Tarbut site, and works at the Baruch Berliner Genesis International Project.

The Painter Of Shadows Part 1
The Painter Of Shadows Part 2

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